About Us

We are CoirWorx. And we are passionate about promoting sustainable and eco-friendly coir solutions for your home, garden, farms and much more. We are your one-stop shop for Coir, specializing in:

  • organic coir pith or coco peat as an alternative for your peat-based potting mix for your garden plants or growing luscious strawberries, blueberries and other fruits or vegetables and salads via substrate farming.
  • beautifully crafted Coir mats and handicrafts
  • coir logs and geotextiles used within engineering applications such as erosion control and restoration

Please browse our *product catalog to know the details of all our products on offer.*Note: Product Catalogue will be a URL pointing to Our Products page on the website.

We select and source our products from the lush green backwaters of Southern India.

** Tip: India is the world’s largest producer of coir, accounting for 55% of the world’s coir production in 2016. The coir industry still operates as a traditional cottage industry in India acting as a major source of employment for people, mainly women in villages of India.

We work closely with the Coir Board of India to ensure all our products are ethically sourced and manufactured. We want to ensure we offer you a consistent quality and towards that, all our products are inspected and certified by Coir Board for quality standards.

We also tap into the Coir Research Institute to bring you the latest in the coir based solutions for up and coming applications.

And finally we work closely with the manufacturers that we source the products from, ensuring they get the fair trade prices for their supplies. Dealing directly with our suppliers also means we are closely knitted to the supply chain and can ensure quick turnaround for supply of goods.

We are committed to supporting the families who are part of the coir trade in India and it is our enduring ambition to initiate social programmes that support their families and their children’s education.